Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meanwhile in the Middle of the Hard and Harsh Time

Hello my readers.
Sorry about being have no responsibility for always write in this blog.
February until May is kinda hard and harsh for me.
But there's always something that make me happy all the time.

Here's the little list :

1. February - I have been choosen to be a teacher for a day in Kelas Inspirasi, February 20th. So blessed!

2. March - My theater group, KataK were doing a 'Pentas Besar' in Teater Kecil, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. We were so happy playing 'PERKAWINAN' from Nikolai Gogol. And you know what? That is one of my dream! Yeah, for being in Taman Ismail Marzuki's stage, is my dream for my whole life. So, can you imagine how blessed I am? :_)

3. April - I learn about NIETZSCHE in Kelas Filsafat : Tentang Nietzsche on Salihara for a month, every Saturday in April. I like it, and I think maybe I will take STF Driyarkara for my master. ONLY IF I can't make it to Columbia or Harvard.

4. May - I met my girlfriends from highschool and going anywhere with my friends. Helping my close friend, make a fund raising event with Ayu Utami, Bre Redana and other well known people on 'Hand in Hand #ForVeven'.

Yeah, I promise I will be telling you all about Kelas Inspirasi, PERKAWINAN, and Nietzsche thing in here! I just looking for my writing mood because you know, everytime in my office I always write, write, and write. So sometimes I just being sick about writing thingy and everything.

I know it was wrong.
So yeah.

Take a look at my new template bytheway. Do you guys like it?

x o x o,


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