Friday, August 10, 2012

My (dream) Wedding List

The Song:
1. First Love (Nika Costa)
2. Endless Love
3. I Will Fly
4. Better Today (Coffey Anderson)
5. The Way You Look Tonight
6. Marry Me

The Decoration:
Garden Party

The Cake:

The Dress:

The Photographer and Pre-wedding Clipper: Jenny Sun Photography or Aftermoments Videography 
The People:Just Family and close friend...

The Groom:
my A...

Hope God read this and I believe He knows what's really in my head and my dream... I just surrender all to Him and do the best that I can!
Just so you know, I still love you A... till now and I want you, to be my groom :)

-natasha hadiwinata-

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